Monday, 17 December 2012

A fresh new start

Posted by Nuyul Aishah Parker at 18:10
Just because I simply miss blogging, I decide to give this a new shot!
I used to be a blog freak from blogspot, livejournal, onsugar and other whats not.
Then when I wanted to do one,(I wanted to settle for onsugar initially!) everything is totally different!
I felt like a gundu. I used to be a pro at html and always a problem solver anything about webs and computers!

Well, enough of that. So officially introducing myself. I am a twenty one year old fat girl with an annoying laugh. Haha,no I am not asking for sympathy like "no,you're not fat," and other bla bla bla. I just love to call myself that cause other than that is fact, I want to make others feel open up with me.

I am currently at work, and I do not have much of inspirations for now. The main impulsion of to start a new blog is to take note of my life time line to be kept as memory. Because no doubt, my life now is already beautiful. Most posts are mainly about me, warning first eh if you dont want to be disgusted about how much I leave detailed about my life here. On another hand, I could actually improve my language better!

I dont expect readers,but if I do have one, do leave a word or two and I could holla at you!

With lotsa love,
Nuyul Aishah


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