Wednesday, 10 April 2013

After A Long Hiatus!

Posted by Nuyul Aishah Parker at 00:30
Hiatus. Yes, a long one that is. That is what happened when I changed my job drastically from being a desk bound coordinator to a FnB waitress. I dont even have time for myself, whats for to even start up the laptop to even blog my way!

All plans for my weddings are well, I can say 60% in place. Its like exactly one more year to go till its my wedding! Truth is, I want time to travel very slowly. But at the same time too, I want it to be just tomorrow.

Planning a wedding is definitely not a simple or a trivial matter. It is indeed a very tedious thing to plan for. There are definitely days when I break down and cry. This is rather personal, because I dont have much of family support, So thus the frequent numbers of breaking down. For me that is! I gotta admit, I am jealous of my own fiance of having his family all in for our wedding! I mean they all are so supporting, and have made preparations, like what, a day after our engagement? Haha.

Whats more, when I look through Instagram, or other girls blogs, or even facebook, where they have all the support and sponsors from family for their weddings, I am indeed a jealous bride to be. Well, no, not that my parents are stingy, they are just liek that since I was very little. They do not like to fork out money for their own kids. Made me feel as if everyone is not excited, where I am the first grandchild from both maternal and paternal side to get married. And I am the only princess in the family. But oh wells, how much I want to say I am used to these kinda feelings or treatments from my family, I cant because I always tear up.

But I thank God, why? Because He has sent me the greatest fiance ever. Ramdan has been patiently listening to my whines, and ehem, sponsoring me for some of my wedding vendors, and to just be there for me emotionally. Trust me not, he doesn't judge my family. He will just hug and make me smile and make sure I am only sad for a few minutes.
This man above, Insya'allah will be my responsible husband in exactly a year more! Sorry, this post is just about me letting go of my feelings. Hehe, Have a great day ahead! :)


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