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The First Move

Posted by Nuyul Aishah Parker at 10:56
So since tonight is the night I feel like telling a story on how our paths happened to cross and fell in love, so here it is!
It is only been what, two year, but I must say there's a whole lot of challenges, ups and downs and challenges from God to make me where, and who I am today. In the midst of having a wonderful family, and I used to have great girlfriends and enjoying my single life, I realised I am missing something. Well, truth be told, I am always dating, but never really settle down because either the men I date are jerks or they are too plain boring. Haha, excuse me for that. That is beside the point. So here goes.
Weird thing about this boy, Daeng Ramdan, I always see him in every of my social network account! Yes, every of it! From friendster, to facebook, twice or thrice since I made a few accounts in facebook. So, I admitted, I had a crush on him. Maybe because to me he was kinda cheeky looking, but just attracted. Viewed his page once or twice, chat on facebook messenger once or twice too. Didnt made much of interactions. And yes, as most people know he was attached at the intitial stage of us knowing each other.
Story goes like this, I made a new account in facebook due to a break up with an ex boyfriend.(I think!) Haha. So, he actually posted a simple hello at my wall. And yes, it goes on after that. The funny part of us exchanging digits were when I asked him for his "Kakak kau punye laki" cell numbers. He replied, "What for, you can have mine instead?" He gave and I gave him mine and he thought I was just kidding and give him a fake digits! So he called, and our first hello was when I was at the toilet, shitting. Yes, no kidding. Haha. Like I said, our relation ship starts off too wrong. Sad story. Haha.
See the above picture,yes, us and his close buddy, Shahmel. I always believe in fate and the wonders on how God want us to meet our soulmate? Me and Shahmel have been friends long before I even know Ramdan as a matter of fact. And lucky as it is, I am with Ramdan now, so me and Mel clicked instantly, a plus too since he is the only friend that I am comfrotable with maybe despite the fact I knew him longer.
First date! Ramdan lied to me on our phone conversation. He used to say to me he is the kinda like the 'abang-abang' type who will go to bed at 3-4 in the morning. I trust him on that. It all turns out lie, because when I was with him, we always argue about him sleeping on me and his tardiness! Such an ass.
So being said, on our first date, he was more than half an hour late. Why? As you have guessed, he fell asleep. Haha. On our first date, he fetched me from work, and we had late supper at Simpang Bedok. We didnt talked much, we just love to eavesdrop on others conversation and then laugh at each other. He send me home, and thats it.
Yes, like I said up there, when I knew him, he was at a very shaky stage with his ex of a few years. I didnt know until I assume. He didnt tell either. It was definitely tough. I tried to distance, but he kept coming back to me as a friend. We loved each others company so badly. I remember he will always fetch me from work, send me back to either Tampines or Sengkang at that point of time. I remembered I was just happy. Happy with him.
But sad things happened, I told him we shouldnt do this since he never clarify tome whats our relationship. And I dont want to be the reason of their separation, eventhough I am not. We parted ways. I remembered that night he messaged me asking me whether I would like to meet him for the last time. I didnt want to, but I cant, I just got to. We went to Tanjung Rhu. As usual, we joke, we laughed, we hit, beat up each other. I remembered clearly we love to hit each other hands till its red and youc an see blood. He did it to me, funny thing is I let him to because I thought that was the last from us. Then, BAM! He hugged me, I cried in his arms, and he asked me to take care of myself. He didnt want to do this, because he was afraid I would go astray and let other guys hurt me. Can you believe it, he freaking said that to me? I am tearing right now, OMG!
Yes, his exact same reason whenever he said he dont want to leave was because he dont want to be like any other guy I knew before. We hugged, I cried alot that night. I saw his phone with his ex picture on the wallpaper while I was deleting my number from his phone and unfriend him in facebook, but I thought, heck this was the last night. Everythings going tobe fine soon for me. Just to see him happy. I vividly remembered when he was sending me at the door step he hugged me, held my head up and fucking cry infront of me! That was just heart warming or sad you may say. We bid goodbye and hugged for the supposedly last time.
Sad huh? But thing is, we can only be separate for a week! he eventually messaged me in facebook back and send me a friend request. He said he couldnt help but to think of me. And that was exactly how I felt. I remembered before we went our ways, I always tell him to listen to Bruno Mars, "Talking To The Moon." That song was our song, till today.
So yes, eventually he ended and settled everything over at the other side. And we did the whole routine of spending time with each other together again, falling in love again, with all the right reasons and feelings. No doubt, I knew I was far away from his ex of a few years. I was a new rebound girl. But I fought for him.
I met his family, he met mine. His family was amazing! They were so welcoming and always made me feel so comfortable at their humble home! Side that his mother is such a great cook and cook so many delicious stuffs! He was comfortable with my family too. Speaking of which, he actually met my parents even before we were together, when we were jsut friends. Daddy always know I have the heart for him. Daddy always taught me to pray to God to ask for guidance and open up his heart for me. Daddy saw me cry, laughed and daddy knew how happy I was with him. I am glad the fact that his Dad dotes on me jsut too much with plenty of gifts, and so does his mother. Like I said, I am truly am very blessed. I may lose some in this journey, but I definitely have gain much more.
Without no proposal, and trust me, I dont know how the hell we decided to actually apply for a BTO together, and eventually got engaged last May. I remembered a day before our engagement ceremony he gave me a long speech on the phone, which goes something like this, " Sayang, I didnt know how it feels like to be happy until I met you. Yes, in all honesty, I did not love you as much initially, thats the reason we fought, because I always think of the ex. I was always said to be a useless man, but you made me who I am today. And I am sorry to ever say this, but I love you more today than I did at the beginning. Not that I dont love you, but I was at the  process of healing from a broken long tem relationship. I promise I take care of you and work hard for the next two years and more to give you the perfect wedding." Awwww.
Thats why I always believe, God will always know your true intention and will reward you in time to come. I am glad he gave me Daeng Ramdan and nobody else. God gave us all the challenges for both of us to be stronger. I have lost people so close whom I called sisters, I had been called boyfriend snatcher who only wants someone for his car or even his bike. But seeing where I am now, I am willing to face all that. Gone were all those days where I cry and be heartbroken. I have never been happier. Never.
Look, here I am planning on my wedding. One year has past, and the next will be our wedding day. I have never imagine myself settling down with a man I truly love with all those sacrfices we both had overcome. We cant change the past, but indeed it has made me a stronger individual. This post is tad too lengthy and I apologise for that. I have been tearing since just now. This simply shows how much the past has impacted on me.
I am left with these amazing friends. Ones I know from my fiance, and one I know since younger days. I hope this friendship I have with this wonderful people stays.
My Maid Of Honour, just like a sister I never had. Who always know how I feel, who is always there when I needed help in just anything. Indeed, one of the very few people is trustworthy.
My favourite people, ever. Enam Jahanam, and we have our little angel already. He be one next year for our wedding. Delightful. I am very much blessed with every one I have now. Alhamdulillah. I have a little, But I actually have much more to just having a little.
And lastly to my backbone, my family. Eventhough I may not always be on good terms with them, but they have never fail or even give up one me once. Without them, I am nothing. Alhamdulillah I have great parents to always remind me of things. And to keep me strong with every obstacles that I am facing.


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